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IgG Food Intolerance Testing - Home Test Kit Plus Follow Up Consultation

IgG Food Intolerance Testing - Home Test Kit Plus Follow Up Consultation

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IgG food intolerances (or food sensitivities) can be very difficult to pinpoint.  The body can react to foods in many different ways. Adverse food reactions can lead to distressing symptoms and chronic health conditions. Studies show that food intolerances affect around 20% of the population in industrialised countries, linking it to problems such as IBS, bloating, skin problems, migraines, fatigue and joint pain. Often times it is unknown exactly which food(s) may be the cause and testing can help identify the problematic foods. 


The IgG Food Intolerance Test is the next IgGeneration of food intolerance testing. The ELISA plate testing accurately detects 134 food and drink specific IgG reactions from just a few drops of easily collected blood. Once the IgG reactive foods are identified and eliminated we see improvements in all of the above conditions, as well as many others. 

How It Works


Test kits are sent out upon completion of order


The test uses a capillary collect method involving a simple finger prick blood sample to be taken comfortably by you in your own home.


Tests are then sent off in the envelope provided and results are back within 3 working days.


A full report is provided showing food reactions on a scale of 0-5.


Contact your Nutritional Therapist to book your follow-up session.


    Order includes initial enquiry, test kit and free follow up 30 minute session with a Nutritional Therapist to discuss results.


    No returns accepted.


    Test kits will be sent out on completion of order.

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