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Skin Health Consultations

Available Online

Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching Plus Food Intolerance Testing

  • Online Session

Service Description

Our Nutrition For Skin Health consultations includes nutritional therapy and health coaching to take you on a journey to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle can support your skin health. You can opt for a single consultation to get you started or a more structured full plan with an initial consultation and 4 follow-ups. A full IgG Food Intolerance Test is included in our full plan at the outset to identify any significant food culprits quickly. We can arrange other tests if required (additional costs will apply). Personalised programme: Having a session targeted for your unique imbalances will help you get much quicker and more effective results – after all, that’s what we’re aiming for! Includes dietary and lifestyle factors: We will look at all the factors involved in influencing health and well-being and why specific dietary and lifestyle factors may contribute to your skin condition. Step by step, we will explore: Diet Problem foods or intolerances Digestion and nutrient absorption Detoxification Hormones Stress and energy levels Sleep How Does It Work? We have a 1-hour initial consultation and then further shorter sessions (as required). Consultations are taken via video/telephone call. It is recommended to take the initial session via video call, and follow-ups can then be made either by video or phone. We can also have regular catch-ups via email/text/WhatsApp to keep you on track to reaching your goals. Before the initial consultation, we will advise you to complete and submit a 3-day food diary and client intake questionnaire. You can pre-book sessions at a convenient time. We may also recommend using supplements or testing, where appropriate (additional costs will apply). Get in touch for a FREE 20-minute call to find out more.

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